Bridge Island is the place for playing Bridge on-line for FREE!

Submitting support requests are available for registered users only. You can register using your iPhone or iPad client downloaded from Appstore. Then log in on the main page of http://www.bridgeisland.com with the username and password used for registration.

The above seems simple but what if you have problems to register for example? Here we collected possible solutions for common problems reported so far (including the registering problem).

  1. The application seems to be freeze. Like you placed a card and it does not move to its place on the table just remains where you released it.

    Wait a bit. This is usually caused by a network glitch and the client can recover in most of the cases. If the program really freeze, just press the home button and restart Bridge Island. The server will automatically put you back on the seat where you had been, if you restart within two minutes. Otherwise the server thinks you went away and changes your status to “off line”.

  2. Blank or black screen during usage.

      This is caused by memory shortage, most of the cases on old devices (iPhone 3G). Sometimes even the “Home” button ( which is controlled by the OS and not the application ) does not work and the device has to be rebooted. Usually pressing the home button and restart Bridge Island helps, but the solution is to free up some memory. This can be done in several ways.

    1. Stop the Spotlight Search function on the device or at least limit where it searches. You can do this through Settings->General->Spotlight Search. This will free up some memory and your device will also be much faster. The drawback of this is that you will not be able to use the Search screen functionality for the areas you turned off, so switch off the Spotlight Search for those you do not need. If it does not help, try to switch them all for an experiment.
    2. There are applications running in the background. Safari and iPod are examples for this. First step could be to delete Safari pages you do not need, but to completely shut down Safari and/or iPod, you can do the following:
      • Get into Safari (or iPod)
      • Hold the top right button (on/off) for a couple of seconds like as you want to switch the device off. The slider to power off appears.
      • Now, hold the “Home” button for a couple of seconds, while the spotlight is running on the power off slider.
      • Release the “Home” button.
      • This will remove the application from the memory and you will have more to launch Bridge Island. This is what we recommend you to do. Feedbacks shows it as the most effective way.
    3. Reboot the device. This can free up some memory but does not really solve the problem long term. Not recommended.
  3. Cannot register.
    1. If you get communication error message, it can be a network problem.
    2. If it cannot connect to the server it can be either a network problem or the server may be down. Try again and try a bit later.
    3. if you get blank screen during registration, check the second bullet above.

We hope you will enjoy playing on Bridge Island and looking forward to meet you there .

The Bridge island support team.

copyright SOFTIC Kft.